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Library of Things Provides Athens County With More Than Books

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GLOUSTER, Ohio (WOUB) – The warm days of July are perfect for fun activities, both inside and outside, and the Athens County Public Library is helping people do just that.

Glouster Public Library
Glouster Public Library [Taylor Burnette | WOUB]
Books, movies and printing services are things people expect from their local library.

But what about a library of things?

The Athens County Public Library system offers unique items for check-out as well, including board games, exercise equipment and even bicycles.

“We try to get items that people want and information on materials, like books or audiobooks, into the hands of our patrons,” Heather McElfresh, the access services coordinator at the Athens County Public Library, said. “This is just a really easy way for us to get things into their hands.”

The library listens to the requests of its patrons for things they want or need that they may not be able to purchase.

It’s offerings can give people a chance to try items out before they buy them, such as bikes they can use on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway or Baileys Trail System.

Public libraries are adapting to the needs of their communities as information becomes more accessible from other sources.

“I think that libraries are becoming more than anything community hubs,” Becca Lauchman, a communications officer for the libraries, said. “It’s where people gather and in our communities, there is a need for things to be offered, that maybe someone might not be able to find at home or in their neighborhood because of transportation.”

Checking items out from the library of things is similar to checking out a book, the biggest difference being shorter checkout periods.

Those interested in checking out equipment from the library can place a hold on the Athens County Public Library’s website.