Even though new maps aren’t approved, counties ordered to add legislative offices to primary ballots

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Statehouse News Bureau) — While the House and Senate maps approved by the Ohio Redistricting Commission last week are still awaiting a review by the state supreme court, Ohio’s elections officials are being told to prepare for more candidates for the May 3 primary.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose said last week without legislative and Congressional maps, it may be too late to hold a full primary can be held on May 3.

He certified the candidates for US Senate, governor and other statewide offices earlier this month.

Now he’s told the 88 county boards of elections to plan to add the state House and Senate and state party central committee candidates to the primary ballot – though the maps he and the other Republicans on the redistricting commission approved haven’t been okayed by the Ohio Supreme Court.

And LaRose’s directive also said those who want to run for the US House can file in the most populous county of one of the 15 districts established in the Congressional map bill signed in November, which also set the filing deadline for Friday – though that map was thrown out by the supreme court last month and no new Congressional map has been passed yet.