Talking cowboy culture with Orville Peck and the Compton Cowboys

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Wild, wild west
Comedian Josh Gondelman joins Emma in the co-host chair to talk about a beautiful moment when the right person for the job was a real-life cowboy. When a cow got loose along a highway in Oklahoma City, emergency crews couldn’t catch the animal. But you know who did? COWBOYS.
Cowboys are everywhere in pop culture right now from Kacey Musgraves to Megan Thee Stallion to bachelorette parties with disco cowboy themes. What makes cowboys so cool?

The man in the fringe mask
When it comes to cowboy fashion, there’s really only one person to talk to, and that’s Orville Peck, country superstar and overall cool guy. He talks about living a double life behind his fringe mask, what sparked his interests in country culture and how “the spirit of the cowboy can live within anybody.”
Then, he plays a game where he writes some off-the-cuff country songs. Yeehaw!

The power of the horse
There’s no talking about cowboys without talking to some of the most famous cowboys right now: The Compton Cowboys. Emma talks to Randy Savvy about the origin story of the Compton Cowboys and the community their club has created.
“I think our role in the community is to bring nature to the city,” Savvy shared. “We love to dwell outside under the sky… the more they see it the more they gravitate towards or it at least touches them in some kind of way.”

A perfect fit
Rarely do people get to jump in and volunteer for something that so perfectly suits their skills like the cowboys did when those cows got loose in Oklahoma City. Something similar recently happened to Alaskan-turned-New-Yorker Sara Fulton. when a possum snuck into a bar next to her work, she was there to answer.
Thanks to TMZ for that audio you heard of the cow being rescued. And thanks to the NY Post for the video of Sara wrangling the possum.