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Our Peyton Brooker breaks down the matchup between the Southern Lady Tornadoes and Waterford Lady Wildcats on February 15th, 2023

Waterford defeats Southern and Advances to next round of playoffs 

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Waterford Ohio (WOUB) —  The Southern Tornadoes traveled to Waterford Wednesday night to take on the Lady Wildcats. The Lady Wildcats were prepared to go into this game to advance to the next round of the playoffs. The First quarter started off to the Wildcats coming out a bit slow with some missed layups and turnovers. But once they got their footing, they had no problem scoring baskets throughout the first quarter. 

Once the second quarter started, the Wildcats were on a roll and you could tell very quickly who had control of this game. Waterford was calling great plays left and right and players like Kendall Sury and Laykyn Jones were stepping up and having fun making a couple shots. Right there is one of the great many things about this Wildcat team. They go onto the court not just to win but with passion for the game and that really showed tonight.  

Talking a little bit about the Tornadoes, this Lady Southern team despite coming in 2nd place tonight had some great spirit and tried to make plays no matter how many points they were down. Not only the team, but the Southern fans also stayed positive during the game cheering the Tornadoes on. 

Once the second half started the Wildcats had their starters stay in for awhile and they all were having fun scoring. However, towards the end of the game Waterford put in their younger players and they all started scoring as well.  

Though Southern fought through this game with heart, the Wildcats would go on to win 51-5. The Lady Wildcats now look to face Whiteoak in their next playoff matchup.