Athens City Council votes to join a waste management council of governments

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — The city of Athens is now part of a collective effort to save the local recycling center and manage solid waste.

The City Council passed an ordinance Monday night to join a Council of Governments that will provide garbage and recycling service. The decision met with applause from the audience. 

The COG was created to save the Athens Hocking Recycling Centers after Athens switched its garbage hauling contract to Rumpke in November in response to a much lower bid. 

Athens made up 40% of the recycling center’s revenue, putting its future in question.

While Athens has joined the COG, the city as of now plans to stick with Rumpke through the duration of the three and a half year contract.

Solid Waste District Executive Director Jane Forrest Redfern said a proposed parcel fee would help purchase and maintain the recycling center.

The annual $24 fee would be imposed on improved parcels in Athens and Hocking counties. This will be voted on by the district the week of July 15.

The COG also will generate revenue providing garbage and recycling services to communities in Athens and Hocking counties.

Athens joins Amesville, Nelsonville and the Solid Waste District in the COG.