Welcome To Down and Dirty Science:
Transfer of Energy through the Ecosystem


The Down and Dirty Science project was funded by eTech Ohio and produced by the WOUB Center for Public Media at Ohio University, Athens.  This website consists of six science student video-on-demand modules for at-risk students in grades 6-9, and includes six teacher self-study video support modules with links to instructional resources and assessment strategies.  All content is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

The Down and Dirty Science videos provide students with an alternative view of how energy gets transferred through the ecosystem. After viewing the Down and Dirty Science videos students will have a better concept of the complexity of the ‘food web’.


Have you ever questioned just how much energy plants absorb from the sun? Do you realize that chicken poop can be used to produce methane? Did you know that a compost pile gets hot enough to cook an egg or that meteorites have shaped the face of the earth? Click here to read more.

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