My (Future) Life Teacher Video

There are six student My (Future) Life career videos and one My (Future) Life career teacher resources video. The student videos are designed to motivate students and engage them in learning what scientists and researchers do in various STEM* careers. The teacher video provides educators with information about how students go about selecting a college and what financial resources are available to them. Accompanying the teacher video are also web links on key issues in career exploration, and suggestions on how educators might to go about viewing the My (Future) Life career videos with their students.

The teacher resources video provides educators with the background needed to guide students in selecting and applying for college admission.

*Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Ohio STEM Learning Network:


To support your curriculum, check out the website links we have provided for science project ideas, lesson plans and more.  Please note, while My (Future) Life provides links to these web-based resources that we feel are appropriate, we cannot guarantee that all the content presented by these websites is scientifically accurate.  It is the responsibility of the educator to verify the accuracy of all resources.