Passion Works: A Story of Flying
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Discussion Guide
Passion Works: A Story of Flying Video

1. Did viewing the Passion Works: A Story of Flying DVD change any of yourperspectives about the disabled?
2. Has your definition of art been altered as a result of viewing the PassionWorks: A Story of Flying DVD?
3. What was your reaction when Passion Works Artist Harry Grimm said, “Herface I see in the bright, full moon,” and described the girl he would wishto marry as having “Flamingo-like vibrancy?”
4. What is your opinion about Passion Works Studio Artist-in-Residence PattyMitchell’s statement that “All the things that happen in therapyare naturally a part of making art”?
5. Do the disabled need creative outlets?
6. Who do you feel gains the most by participating in disabled/non-disabled collaborativeprojects?
7. What did you think when David Barba, Passion Works Studio manager said, “Howcan we allow people to be successful [financially] and not be punished for theirsuccess? If you are a poor person and you start to have success, you can loseyour Medicaid and you can lose benefits that might be helping you pay for therent in your home.”
8. What is the long-term viability of the Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohioif it does not become financially self-sustaining?
9. How could viewing this video be beneficial to your children?
10. How could one incorporate the mission of the Passion Works Studio in everydaylife?

Existing Local Services for Disabled Community Members

1. What organizations work to benefit the disabled in your state?
2. What programs or projects are currently available for the adult disabled inyour community? For the K-12 disabled? For the pre-school disabled?
3. Do any of your local programs support collaborative projects within the community?
4. From where do local services receive financial support?
5. What are your local programs’ policies concerning volunteers?
6. Passion Works Studio held twenty-five community workshops where Deni Naffziger’spoem “A Story of Flying” was shared and attendees collaborated withstaff members to create Paper Mache figures inspired by the poem. Five hundredpeople attended the workshops. Could your community organize such an endeavor?
7. Are there other underlying themes such as music, dance, theater, etc., thatmore closely fit the resources of your community than does art?

Beginning a Collaborative Arts Project for Adults in Your Community • Thingsto Think About

1. What are the benefits of and barriers to beginning a similar project inyour community?

  • Existing programs for the disabled: Staff, Clients
  • Disabled community members who do not participate in existing programs
  • Non-disabled community members
  • Business and industry

2. Which citizens from your community would be most likely to take an effective,active role in the project’s steering committee.
3. What funding sources can be identified and accessed?

  • Government: Federal, State, Local
  • Philanthropic organization gifts and grants
  • Special interest organization gifts/grants
  • Dedicated fundraising activities
  • Sales

4. What local human resources can be identified and accessed to initiate andmaintain the project?

  • Project Director
  • Staff
  • Volunteers

5. Where could such a project be housed and maintained in your community?