Passion Works: A Story of Flying
Passion Works
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imĚpact   n
1.   the force of impression of one thing on another:   an impelling or compelling effect.

Passion Works gives people the opportunity to see what is possible from people with developmental disabilities. The local community has embraced Passion Works and has proclaimed the Passion Flower as the official flower of Athens, Ohio. The art is also changing perceptions about people with disabilities. An Ohio University student was asked to write a response paper after viewing an exhibit of "A Story of Flying." He described that when he was a young boy he would beat up a neighborhood child with Down syndrome. He didn't consider this child to be human or to have feelings like other people. After witnessing the documentary, he realized how terribly wrong he had been.

The art has also had an impact on the artists. Initially, Passion Works artist Nancy D. demonstrated limited verbal communication. Today she maintains conversations about her painting, and is absorbed in her artwork. David D. has weak muscles in his hands and finds it difficult to do the traditional work in the vocational workshop. Through Passion Works he has been able to develop his skills as an illustrator, and his drawings have been the basis for installations, books, posters, greeting cards and the studio's logo. It has given him positive recognition and self-esteem. Ed P. was considered to have limited abilities. During an art project he was asked to draw on a ceramic tile and wrote, "To who I am writing there is a strength between our heart." Because of this and his other achievements, the staff has a new appreciation of this man's ability.