Estimate - An approximation of an answer or measurement.

- A plane figure formed by two rays having a common endpoint.

Reminder: The military, emergency services, and hospitals express military time without the colon and add 'hour' afterward. Science and engineering circles usually insert a colon between the hours and minutes.

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  The Amazing Chase  

Welcome to the Amazing Chase!

In the Amazing Chase, three teams are challenged to get to the finish line first, so everyone is in a big hurry. As you'll soon realize, thinking through the clues carefully and using basic math skills saves valuable time and energy.

At any time in the program, you can skip or repeat sections. The program is designed for you to follow this navigational route:

  1. Review the vocabulary
  2. Answer questions in "Before Viewing"
  3. Watch the video
  4. Answer questions in "After Viewing"
  5. Practice your skills in "Extended Activities"
  6. Have fun with Web Quests



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