Passion Works: A Story of Flying
Passion Works
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About the Film
Art moves us. It takes us out of ourselves and transports us to distant lands and far-off times. It lifts our spirits and makes our hearts soar. Art gives us wings, and at Passion Works Studio the artists are ready for takeoff.

Passion Works: A Story of Flying tells the story of the thriving arts studio designed around the talents of artists with developmental disabilities. Told through heartwarming stories and eye-popping art, the film reveals how an active community arts program can inspire, transform and even transport people to new passions and new places.
Prepared for Takeoff
Launched in 1996, the studio began modestly in the corner of a sheltered workshop for adults with developmental disabilities. By focusing on the artists abilities instead of disabilities, the staff uncovered a bounty of untapped creativity. Creating art has been a way for the Passion Works artists to transcend their disabilities, giving them a new sense of purpose and recognition as truly talented individuals.
Art Takes Wing
Seen as cutting edge in the arts world, Passion Works has evolved into a studio that encourages artists of all abilities to create collaborative art. The art has received national attention and has been featured in galleries and exhibitions as well as newspapers, magazines and radio stories.
Soaring to New Heights
The film shows that art is an innate part of all people. Through its spirit of partnership and shared vision, Passion Works is taking art to new heights and allowing new ideas about people with disabilities to take off.
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