Passion Works: A Story of Flying
Passion Works
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Creating some magic of our own...
Film Credits
Producer / Director Blis Hanousek DeVault
Executive Producers Mark Brewer
Blis Hanousek DeVault
Principal Photography Eric Anderson
Additional photography Kari Synnove Morset
Joe Brackman
Erin Johnson
Blis Hanousek DeVault
Ken Dobo
Editor Eric Anderson
Sound Mixing & Design Jeff Redefer
Music Composor Andre Gribou
Open Animation Chase Massingill
Soozan Palsa
Eric Anderson
Blis Hanousek DeVault
Graphics Supervisor Soozan Palsa
Production Assistants Jamie Barone
Tom Brammell
Additional Location Sound Stephen Strunk
"A Story of Flying" written by Deni Naffziger
"A Story of Flying" narrated by Rio Ajamian
Project Advisors Michelle Davis
Austin Allen
Wayne DeVault
Ruth Bradley
Telecommunications Center
Director and General Manager
Carolyn Bailey Lewis
Grants and Special Contracts Steve Riesbeck

Web Credits
Content Developers

Blis Hanousek DeVault, WOUB Center for PublicMedia
Kimberly Bratic, WOUB Center for Public Media
Erin Doppes O'Brien, WOUB Center for Public Media
Jayne Stehle, eTSEO
Rhonda Knoch, Athens City Schools
Patty Mitchell, Passion Works Studio
Wendy Minor-Viny, Passion Works Studio

Project Manager Joshua Logsdon
Blis and the PBS Crew
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by Harry Grimm and Artist in Residence Wendy Minor