Passion Works: A Story of Flying
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ability   n
1._ the capacity to do something or perform successfully

2._ a particular talent or acquired skill

3._ a high degree of general skill or competence

People with disabilities are often excluded from the activities of the larger community and are often seen as a group identified by their disabilities rather than as individuals with their own views and personalities. By focusing on each artist's abilities rather than their disabilities, Passion Works allows people to participate in the community, while at the same time enabling them to soar as individuals. All of the art is inspired by the artists' personal interests and abilities. Carolyn W.'s talent for drawing flowers became the design for the studio's famed Passion Flowers. Harry G.'s interest in current events has been the inspiration of many of his sought-after paintings.

Because the artists have special physical needs, the studio has also developed innovative tools and techniques to assist the artists. Some artists use adaptable easels constructed to accommodate their wheelchairs. Other artists use headgear and an extension stick to hold their paintbrushes. To read poetry or stories, some artists use a light talker, a communications device for people who have limited or no speech. Usually there is a keyboard the person can access either with hands or a laser beam device that is attached to a headband.

Passion Works allows each artist's talent to develop by offering many different forms of art. While some artists have found they have an aptitude for drawing and painting, others have a talent for beadwork or quilting. By collaborating with professional artists and community members, Passion Works artists are exposed to new forms of art. Passion Works artists have recently ventured into the art of music. For years Passion Works artists have teamed up with college students to write poetry. These witty and insightful poems were transformed into songs by local musicians and released on CD. The different abilities and backgrounds add diversity and richness to the artwork and also to the lives and experiences of everyone involved.