Passion Works: A Story of Flying
Passion Works
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col·lab·o·ra·tion   n
1.   the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something

Passion Works represents the collaborative process at its very best. Unlike traditional studios where one artist designs art, each piece of Passion Works art incorporates the efforts of as many as eight artists. The art is composed of many layers of talent-one artist may paint a background of swirling color while another adds layers of circles, and yet another adds an illustration and a final artist paints lines of text. Each artist is essential to the studio, adding breadth and dimension to the work.

The studio also collaborates with professional artists who come in to share their specific talents. These artists-in-residence have taught the Passion Works artists how to incorporate beads, fabric, papier-mâché, metal and even recycled materials into their art. The artists have donated their time and resources turning Passion Works art into jewelry, ceramic pieces, stationery, ornaments, rubber stamps, sculptures and music. These products are then sold and the money is reinvested into Passion Works.

One of the most exciting aspects about Passion Works is that it doesn't confine itself within a sheltered environment. From the beginning, the studio found ways to collaborate with the community. Community members are invited into the studio to create art, and the Passion Works artists have become active members of the community by offering their art for exhibitions, installations in businesses and parks, fund-raisers, coloring books and greeting cards. Since its creation, Passion Works has hosted more than 20 visiting artists, worked with more than 2,000 volunteers and hosted more than 1,500 visitors. Through the shared activity of producing and appreciating art, Passion Works artists explore their own potential, using art as a vehicle to express themselves and to connect with others.

Collaboration is important to the studio because the studio was built on collaborations with the Ohio Arts Council and the Athens Ohio Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. By funding and supporting Passion Works, these groups have helped to create a community organization that is uniting people of all backgrounds through the arts.