Passion Works: A Story of Flying
Passion Works
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self-suf·fi·cient   adj
1.   able to provide what is needed, for example, by making enough money or growing enough food, without having to borrow or buy from others

2.   able to live independently of others

The Passion Works Studio continually strives to improve their working model for collaborative art making. The artists reach out to one another in a way that has changed the lives of these individuals. Because of this, Passion Works has been encouraging other communities to look at their achievements so that others around the country can share the same benefits by starting similar programs nationally.

The future of Passion Works Studio is as limitless as the creativity and energy of the staff, artists and volunteers. The goal of the program is to bring in more artists, develop new products, increase production of existing product lines and to move the studio even closer to their goal of becoming a self-sustaining enterprise.