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A Multimedia Language Arts Resource
for Grade 3-7 Teachers and their Students

This series of eight DVD programs for grade 3-7 teachers and their students was produced with funding from eTech Ohio. This edition of the Teacher Resources Guide is intended for grades 3-4. The entire multimedia resource is presented in cooperation with the WOUB Center for Public Media, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Project Manager
Fred Charles Harner, M. A.
eTSEO Executive Director


Executive Producer
Mark Brewer M.P.A., Associate Director
WOUB Center for Public Media


Content Specialist
Jayne Stehle, M. A.
eTSEO Curriculum and Applications


Content Specialist
Alice Tope, M. L. S.
eTSEO Associate Director


Content Consultant
Deborah Edgar, M. A.
Exceptional Children
Belpre Middle School


Content Consultant
Alexis Seebaugh, B. A.
Reading Endorsement
Belpre Middle School


Resources Guide Cover Graphic
James D. Williamson, B. A.



James D. (J. D.) Williamson, B. A.

  • Artsbridge
  • Greater Columbus Arts Council
  • West Virginia Storytellers Guild

J. D. Williamson Contact Information
Phone: (304) 375-7888 or (800) 453-3729


Resources Guide Design/Graphics
Jayne Stehle, M. A.