Southeast Ohio Republican Congressman Reacts To Obama Jobs Plan

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Southeast Ohio Congresman Bob Gibbs says President Obama's jobs plan will do nothing to create jobs.

But, the Republican says he did like that Obama encouraged both sides to work together.

"The President's repackaged stimulus proposals laid out tonight will do nothing to create jobs.  Higher taxes, record spending, and bigger government has failed to create jobs or boost economic growth," says Gibbs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now 1.7 million fewer jobs in America than there were before the President signed the economic stimulus into law.  By the President's own standards, the centerpiece of his jobs agenda has been a failure."

Gibbs says Obama needs to acknowledge that the 9.1 percent unemployment rate and nearly $15 trillion dollar deficit are not signs of economic recovery.

"While I am pleased to hear the President express a desire to find areas of common ground that can be implemented in divided government, I am concerned that tonight we heard him propose more temporary measures that center on massive government spending and debt.  I had hoped he would lay out permanent reforms and changes that would promote long term economic growth and remove the barriers of uncertainty that prevent employers from hiring," says Gibbs.

Gibbs says he will give the proposals the President outlined that are based in conservative foundations full consideration.  

Obama is going to Richmond, Virginia today to continue pitching the $447 billion jobs program, which contains tax cuts and new spending.

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio responded that the proposals Obama outlined in his address to Congress and the nation Thursday night merited consideration.

But Boehner said he hopes Obama will give serious consideration to Republican ideas as well.

Obama's plan leans heavily on payroll tax cuts to put money into the economy, and he urged lawmakers to pass it quickly.

Obama wants to extend a payroll tax cut that is scheduled to expire at the end of the year and make it bigger.

He reminded lawmakers in a speech to Congress on Thursday that if they fail to act, they will be allowing taxes to increase on nearly every worker who earns a wage, starting in January. It also provides a tax cut to employers.  

Obama's second stop on his jobs tour will be in Ohio. He's coming to Columbus on Tuesday.