150 Days

Theresa Fogel moves with her four children to a small town in rural Ohio, hoping for a fresh start. Instead, unsubstantiated allegations of abuse prompt the local child welfare agency to take her children. As Theresa struggles to regain custody, she discovers what critics call the dark secret of child welfare: that your children can be taken for reasons the state may never have to prove, and getting them back is anything but guaranteed.


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Next Witness...Please

Ever found yourself lost in legal jargon? Fear not! Our mission is to decode complex legal concepts into everyday language, making them accessible to all. Meet your hosts, the dynamic duo known as the Judicial Twins! Retired judge Tom Hodson brings over 50 years of legal expertise as a trial judge, defense attorney, and former Judicial Fellow at the Supreme Court of the United States. Retired judge Gayle William-Byers, with more than two decades of public service as a prosecutor and judge, is now sharing her knowledge as a Judicial Fellow for The National Judicial College and a legal analyst. Join us as we embark on a quest to demystify the legal system and increase your understanding of its complexities. Tune in to "Next Witness... Please" for enlightening discussions, insightful perspectives, and a deeper understanding of the law. Don't miss out – subscribe now and let's unravel the mysteries of the legal world together!


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Teaching Matters

Hosted by Scott Titsworth, Dean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, “Teaching Matters” is an audio series exploring learning and teaching a new generation of students in a technological age. It is aimed at teachers, parents and students.


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Jazzed About Work

Jazzed About Work features lively, informal conversations about everything it takes to create a resilient and rewarding career. In each segment, host Beverly Jones interviews professionals who can share their expertise related to the workplace. Her guests go beyond the research and get personal, as they talk about their interesting and often surprising professionals paths.


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Spectrum features conversations with an eclectic group of fascinating people, some are famous and some are not, but they all have captivating stories. Spectrum, hosted by veteran journalist Tom Hodson, addresses a wide range of relevant topics through gripping stories of individuals.


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WHO Lies Beneath: The Asylum

Welcome to WHO Lies Beneath: The Asylum. This podcast is about restoring dignity and respect by giving a voice to the voiceless. On the old Athens Lunatic Asylum grounds in southeast Ohio, you’ll find tremendous beauty. There are regal buildings overlooking town, and the sprawling grounds originally had a park-like setting, with gorgeous ponds, gardens, and fountains - the beauty in stark contrast to the history of what happened to some of those who were taken to the now closed facility. The grounds contain three cemeteries where approximately 1900 patients who weren’t claimed by their families when they died - were buried. Those who were unclaimed were buried under numbered tombstones, with no names or dates on them. This was common practice with many state and national mental health and medical institutions at the time. Each week, you’ll hear the life stories of people who were buried under those numbered tombstones in Athens. Each person will tell their own story - using a first-person style account and voice actors. We’ll also talk with Doug McCabe, a retired library archivist who spent many years digging through old documents linking names and life stories with the numbers on the grave markers, along with other researchers and mental health experts


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Live from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

Host Jorma Kaukonen introduces each program's featured artist in a series of concerts recorded at the Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp in Meigs County, Ohio. An eclectic blend of performances including blues, folk, Americana, rock, bluegrass, and jazz.


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River of Words - Hosted by Wendy McVicker, Athens' Poet Laureate

"At The Moment" with BSCC

At The Moment is a podcast about the challenges Black students at Ohio University face in classes, with professors and in their day to day lives.

Join host, Nia Dumas, and guests discuss the Black experience at a PWI (Predominantly White Institution).

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