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Raj Tumuluri, founder and CEO of Openstream

Posted on: This episode focuses on Artificial Intelligence, and how AI is reshaping the workplace. Our guest is Raj Tumuluri, founder and CEO of Openstream, which produces artificial-intelligence-based virtual assistant technology for businesses. Raj will describe how consumers and workers already are interacting with AI on a regular basis. He’ll address the concern that robots are… Read More

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“Finding Comfort During Hard Times” with Earl Johnson

Posted on: It seems COVID-19 has made us more aware of the importance of compassion, and more thoughtful about how to support our colleagues, as well as friends and family. Today’s guest is Earl Johnson, a founder of the spiritual care function at the American Red Cross, and a man who understands compassion. Earl is an… Read More

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Scott Shute, LinkedIn’s Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

Posted on: Jazzed About Work guests often mention LinkedIn as an important tool for learning about career trends and building your network. Today’s guest is actually from LinkedIn, and he’ll be focusing on some of the deeper aspects of connecting with other people. His name is Scott Shute, and not long ago he was LinkedIn’s vice… Read More

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Support your team with anytime coaching, suggests Wendy Swire

Posted on:   Today’s theme is how to help your team members grow and thrive by building coaching into your everyday conversations at work. Our guest is Wendy Swire, an executive coach, leadership consultant and pioneer in the art of using neuroscience to help people become more engaged and productive on the job. She’s also co-other… Read More

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You can bridge the workplace gap between “us” and “them,” says Laura Kriska

Posted on: It’s time to create more productive and welcoming workplaces. Today’s guest is Laura Krista, a White American cross-cultural consultant whose commitment to building diverse and collaborative work teams dates to her early years working in Japan. She’ll talk about her book, “The Business of WE,” which describes the benefits of fostering connections among people… Read More

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Master your own thoughts and stop drifting, says David Ibarra

Posted on: David Ibarra is an entrepreneur, leadership consultant and well-known speaker. But he says his real mission is working with employed adults who drift through jobs feeling unsatisfied. And David models what it takes to take charge of your own destiny. The son of a Mexican immigrant father and rural Utah mother, David spent much… Read More

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Dressing mindfully supports success, says image strategist Jordan Stolch

Posted on: Although we have moved beyond rigid standards about how to dress, Jordan Stolch, Founder of MiKADO Personal Styling, says the way you shape your look still matters at work. In this episode, Jordan explains that dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to be a fashionista. Your goal should be to feel and project… Read More

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Jazzed About Work Celebrates Its 100th Episode Looking at What’s Coming Next

Posted on:   In this Special Edition of Jazzed About Work, your usual host Beverly Jones reviews with guest host Tom Hodson some of the topics from past episodes but more importantly, previews what’s to come in 2021 Beverly and Tom also delve into career issues confronting us during the pandemic and Beverly gives advice on… Read More