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Kerry Hannon talks about her new book, “In Control at 50+”

Posted on: Popular author and career futurist Kerry Hannon says the workplace has changed forever, and for older workers that brings some good news. In this episode, she talks about her new book, In Control at 50+, which offers insights about the current job market as well as tips on how people over 50 can navigate… Read More

Mark Dyson says “job search is a lifestyle” and connecting with others matters

Posted on: This show features a wide-ranging conversion between Bev and jobs expert Mark Anthony Dyson, about the changing workplace. They note the generational divide in many organizations, and they discuss ways younger and older workers can learn from one another. Mark says you can expand your career savvy simply by hanging out with colleagues who… Read More

Active outdoor activities can change your career and your life, says Danny Twilley

Posted on: West Virginia University Assistant Dean Danny Twilley is passionate about encouraging people to spend time outdoors. In this episode, Danny says research shows that active outdoor leisure can support creativity and a sense of connection, as well as health and happiness. He says getting outside can help you recover from work stress, promote well-being… Read More

Your workspace should support your performance, says Doug Shapiro

Posted on: Today’s guest, Doug Shapiro, understands that the space where you work can impact your productivity, your creativity and how much you enjoy your job. He’s a thought leader in the design industry, a respected observer of the interplay between work culture and physical places, and the vice president of research and insights at OFS,… Read More

Sitting is the new smoking, says Stefan Zavalin

Posted on: This episode focuses on one habit with surprising power to slow you down, in work and in life. We’re talking about sitting, or, more precisely, the widespread trend of sitting down during way too much of the workday. Our guest is Doctor of Physical Therapy Stefan Zavalin. In his new book, Sit Less, Stefan… Read More

Kevin Eikenberry helps remote workers be great teammates

Posted on: Today’s topic is how to be a strong team member and thrive at work, even when your coworkers are across the country. Our guest, Kevin Eikenberry, is an engaging speaker and podcaster, a well-known leadership expert, and the co-author (with Wayne Turmel) of the best-selling book, The Long-Distance Teammate. Kevin offers helpful tips about… Read More

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Compassion for self supports intuition, says intuitive Karen Hager

Posted on: Today’s guest, Karen Hager, started as a child actor and grew up to be a publishing professional. At the same time, she studied at an Episcopal seminary. But instead of being called to the ministry, she stepped away to forge her career as an intuitive guide. She is passionate about teaching people to connect… Read More

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Employer values impact staff turnover, says Ethan McCarty

Posted on: How an organization performs on societal and ethical issues greatly influences the willingness of its employees to stay on the team and be committed players, suggests today’s guest, Ethan McCarty. He’s the founder and CEO of Integral, a prize-winning communications agency which helps clients enhance organizational cultures and activate employees to do their best… Read More

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It’s time to transform HR, says Brandon Laws

Posted on: The workplace is in the midst of huge change, including the shift to remote and hybrid workers, and it’s time to rethink what human resource programs do, and how they do it. That’s the view of today’s guest, Brandon Laws, senior director of marketing & product at Xenium HR. The U.S. is experiencing a… Read More

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A job search can feel like a rollercoaster, but don’t despair

Posted on:   The average job search brings many ups and downs, twists and turns, and emotional challenges, say leadership and career coaches Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein. But you can prepare yourself, and find smart ways to navigate the transition. In their book, The Empowered Job Search, the two say that a job hunt is… Read More

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Find accessible higher ed, says Emeritus exec

Posted on: Charlie Schilling is a senior executive with Emeritus, a global company that is partnering with leading universities to create new ways to deliver professional education. In this episode, he discusses the vital need to upskill and reskill the American workforce. We talk about the millions of workers who want to change their careers. Charlie… Read More

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Change organizations with “movements,” says Liza Haffenberg

Posted on:   As millions of workers walk away from their jobs, or at least explore new options, many companies are exploring ways to better motivate their people. Our guest today, Liza Haffenberg, has worked around the world as a branding and culture change expert, and now she’s a leader at the marketing firm StrawberryFrog. Here… Read More

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Remote workers are being paid to relocate, says Evan Hock

Posted on: The pandemic has accelerated an already budding trend: the expansion of remote work. And some professionals who can work from anywhere are opting to move to communities that offer lower costs, more space or different lifestyles. In this show, Evan Hock, COO of MakeMyMove, explains how towns with declining populations are willing to pay… Read More

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Know what makes you come alive, says Jonathan Fields

Posted on: Jonathan Fields, often known as ‘the Good Life Guy,” says we each have a special imprint – something that fills us with meaning, joy, purpose and possibility. Today, Jonathan describes how our perfect job options are explored in his book, “Sparked: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work that Makes You Come Alive.” And he… Read More

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How to snag your dream career, with Raj Subrameyer

Posted on: Our guest, Raj Subrameyer, was a shy, uncertain young man when he came to the U.S. from India, in 2008. Now Raj is a successful author, a keynote speaker, and a big-time tech-career strategist. In his book, Skyrocket Your Career, he explains that the shift didn’t happen overnight. He had an “awakening” and decided… Read More

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Dr. Bob Says Fun at Work is a Serious Thing

Posted on: Today we talking about creating fun at work. Our guest is Bob Nelson, a leading authority on employee recognition and engagement. Widely known as Dr. Bob, he has written more than 30 books about motivating people. Here he explains how he started out as an introvert with little knowledge of books, then turned himself… Read More

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Omar Dawood, Chief Medical Officer for “Calm”

Posted on: Dr. Omar Dawood is passionate about promoting better work environments, including by encouraging self-care and helping employees to deal with stress and anxiety. Omar is a medical doctor and stage IV cancer survivor with over 25 years of senior management, medical research and clinical experience. And he is the Chief Medical Officer for Calm,… Read More

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Beth and Lexi of “Crowded Kitchen”

Posted on: You may know Crowded Kitchen from Instagram, where it has almost 200,000 followers. Or from its vast and lovely website featuring photographs and recipes of plant-based food. Did you also know that Crowded Kitchen has grown from a personal social media account to a flourishing family business? Our guests today are its founders —… Read More

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Raj Tumuluri, founder and CEO of Openstream

Posted on: This episode focuses on Artificial Intelligence, and how AI is reshaping the workplace. Our guest is Raj Tumuluri, founder and CEO of Openstream, which produces artificial-intelligence-based virtual assistant technology for businesses. Raj will describe how consumers and workers already are interacting with AI on a regular basis. He’ll address the concern that robots are… Read More

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“Finding Comfort During Hard Times” with Earl Johnson

Posted on: It seems COVID-19 has made us more aware of the importance of compassion, and more thoughtful about how to support our colleagues, as well as friends and family. Today’s guest is Earl Johnson, a founder of the spiritual care function at the American Red Cross, and a man who understands compassion. Earl is an… Read More

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Scott Shute, LinkedIn’s Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

Posted on: Jazzed About Work guests often mention LinkedIn as an important tool for learning about career trends and building your network. Today’s guest is actually from LinkedIn, and he’ll be focusing on some of the deeper aspects of connecting with other people. His name is Scott Shute, and not long ago he was LinkedIn’s vice… Read More