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Episode 032 : Journalist Sara Schonhardt : Young Professionals Choosing Smaller Communities

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Journalist Sara Schonhardt has noticed how some young professionals are going back to their hometowns, or other smaller places, often to help revitalize communities. Sara started her career overseas, finishing her time as a foreign correspondent with a 3 1/2–year stint in Indonesia, as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Recently she returned to… Read More

Episode 031 : Annie Williams

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Annie Williams operates two physical therapy facilities in rural Virginia. And her places are special, serving as popular neighborhood gathering spots. Her clients hang out there, having fun as they learn about health and well-being. Beyond having therapy, they take classes, do exercise and find themselves engaged in activities they never expected, like dancing. On… Read More

Episode 027 : Geoff Dabelko, A Career in Environmental Peacebuilding

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Professor Geoff Dabelko recently was awarded the prestigious Al-Moumin Award for Environmental Peacebuilding. Throughout his groundbreaking career, Geoff has been showing security and environmental groups how their objectives are often the same.  On this episode, he explains how tensions over shared or limited resources can be an opportunity for promoting peace and collaboration, rather than… Read More