It matters how you decide, says Aaron Finegold

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The value of good decision-making is a theme in this episode. Our guest is Aaron Mitchell Finegold, the chief marketing officer at Kingsley Gate, a global executive search firm. As far back as college, Aaron wanted a career involving creative expression, a focus on human behavior, a business environment and a global setting, and those elements do shape his current role. Aaron describes a Kingsley Gate study into how and why successful organizations are good at deciding things. The report suggests that the skill of making effective, timely decisions is often overlooked in the process of hiring leaders. And yet dissatisfaction with an organization’s decision-making processes is a major reason why executives resign. Research suggests that the capabilities to decide, and focus on people-centric factors, can transform an organization. Aaron says a good way to get better at deciding may be to map out the key decisions to be made over the next six months. Simply becoming aware of which decisions are important can make an individual or a team more effective.

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