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Mindfulness enhances your work, and your life, says Judge Gayle Williams-Byers

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This is the first of two episodes about how stress impacts your career. When you’re stressed out, you’re not creative or good at solving problems. or making decisions. But our guest, Gayle Williams-Byers, a retired judge, says there are many was to manage stress. In her role as Senior Fellow with the National Judicial College, Judge Gayle not only teaches judges about matters of law, but she also explores ways to address some of their challenges. She says being a sitting judge is intensely stressful, and stressed-out judges don’t make their best decisions. So she has developed a course on mindfulness and how it can calm stress, help you put aside distractions and refocus, and enhance your decision-making. Here she explains mindfulness and suggests how and why you might get started, and in the next episode she provides more detail about specific mindfulness techniques.