Identify what matters, then build a retirement portfolio, says Tom Hodson

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Today’s guest is our good friend – and WOUB colleague – Tom Hodson. His career has involved many types of expertise, and it seems like Tom never did just one job at a time. He spent years sitting as a judge, and also teaching other judges. He’s played many roles as a media expert. And he has enjoyed positions as an academic leader. In 2019, Tom and host Bev began a series of episodes where he openly described his thoughts and anxieties about the prospect of retiring. As we recorded, Bev coached him to explore the possibilities. Then when COVID hit, Tom did retire, but he wasn’t really ready. He felt isolated, and struggled with depression. Now, however, Tom has put together a portfolio of meaningful activities, and he enjoys this phase of life. In this show, Tom talks frankly about his retirement path, and offers tips about how you can prepare for an un-retirement portfolio that gives you what you need.

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