You can short-circuit stress, says neuropsychologist Amy Serin

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According to Dr. Amy Serin, many in our society suffer from stress, anxiety and all sorts of trauma. Our nervous systems are over-active; we lie awake at night, consumed by worries; and our bodies and minds become chronically unwell. In this episode, Amy describes her own struggles with excess stress, as well as her journey to “democratize” various therapies by making them more accessible. And she shares information from her book, The Stress Switch, including how stress works, and how it can hijack the calm, wise part of our brain, and throw us into a frantic state of fight or flight. She says that with techniques like bilateral stimulation, you can reset your “stress switch,” recalibrate your mental filter, and make better decisions. Amy also describes TouchPoints, her patented small, wearable devices for reducing stress symptoms through the use of gentle vibrations. For more, visit her website:

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