Judges learn to manage stress & emotions, say 2 experts

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Today’s extraordinary guests, Dr. Mishkat Al Moumin and Judge Gayle Williams-Byers, create curriculum for the nation’s judges. Dr. Mishkat is Academic Director, and Judge Gayle is the Judicial Fellow, at the National Judicial College. Together they create not only programs focused on legal issues, but ways to support judges’ leaderships skills — so important in the challenging courtroom environment. Dr. Mishkat’s career as a leader includes her role as the first Secretary of Environment in war-torn Iraq, and later years as an international leader in the fields of environmental and human rights law. Judge Gayle was an assistant county prosecutor in Cleveland, and then presided over the bench and jury trials in the City of South Euclid for more than a decade. In this candid conversation, the two describe the need for judges to manage stress in difficult situations, and share ways they have learned to manage their own emotions and at the same time support team members.

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