Mentorship can change everything, says Gerald Leonard

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Not only is today’s return guest, Gerald J. Leonard, an accomplished professional musician, but he is also an expert on workplace culture, strategy and productivity. On top of that, he is an author. The full title of his interesting new book is long and descriptive: A Symphony of Choices – How Mentorship Taught a Manager Decision-Making, Project Management and Workplace Engagement – and Saved a Concert Season. The book is a primer on how to make decisions amidst complex and multifaceted challenges. While it is full of excellent advice, it reads like a novel, because Gerald uses an engaging story to make his lessons clear. The tale’s hero, Jerry, is a symphony orchestra musician who suddenly has the job of orchestra manager. A college professor mentors Jerry, helping him to quickly get a handle on the orchestra’s big challenges. As Jerry works his way through difficult personal and professional decisions, readers learn about project management. In today’s episode, Gerald, an engaging story-teller, shares lessons not only from Jerry’s experience, but also from his own life.

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