Top job seekers share 12 habits, says William Vanderbloemen

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Today’s returning guest is William Vanderbloemen, a pioneer in executive searches for faith-based organizations. Since he started the Vanderbloemen firm 15 years ago, he and his team have done in-depth interviews with about 30,000 of their top candidates.

And they have studied the information from the best of their best candidates, working to understand why some leaders so clearly stand out from the crowd. William says their research helped them identify 12 habits that separate the strongest leaders from everyone else.

Here William talks about his new book, Be the Unicorn, which describes those 12 strengths, all of which involve soft skills. William says all these important skills can be developed or improved, and Be the Unicorn is a workbook to help you along that path. He shares tips to help you nurture positive habits and outshine the competition. He also models how to describe yourself during an interview, and he urges job seekers to get feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.