Young people can impact global issues, says Erin Lewellen

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Today we explore ways to help young people prepare for careers that are meaningful. Our guest, Erin Lewellen, had an opportunity as a college student to live in Cape Town, interning at a center for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. There, Erin says, she learned in a new way, and transformed how she viewed the world. Now Erin is CEO of Global Citizen Year, a nonprofit that creates experiences to help college students develop the emotional and intellectual toolkit to impact global issues. In this show, Erin shares thoughts about how Generation Z is focused on overcoming huge societal challenges. We discuss what Gen Z looks like as it enters the workforce, and talk about ways this young crowd is unlike other generations. Erin offers suggestions about what employers might consider as they bring Gen Z-ers on board. And she shares thoughts about how you – or your kids – might structure an enriching international learning experience.

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