Teaching Kindergarteners By Cooking

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A kindergarten teacher at Nelsonville York Elementary School has come up with a new way to teach reading, math and science skills by cooking.

Josie Strickland teaches a cooking class that touches on 21 academic reading standards, 12 math standards and 12 science standards.

She says kindergartners are learning reading left to right and top to bottom, how letters come together to form sounds, counting skills, measuring skills, how to make graphs, how to answer "what if" questions and how food goes through physical and chemical changes while cooking.

Strickland appeared on WOUB Television's NewsWatch last night and she says teaching kindergartners how to cook is also fun.

"It's a lot of fun. It's amazing how they all come together and get along really well because everyone wants to participate and be a part of cooking," says Strickland.

Strickland and one other teacher applied for a grant last year to be able to fund more cooking projects in the classroom.