Scrimshaw and the Mariner Set Sail for Athens

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Whether it’s favoring house shows over bar gigs or covering Lady Gaga songs acoustically with three-part harmonies, it’s safe to say that Columbus, Ohio’s Scrimshaw and the Mariner does things its own way.

The band, made up of Ohio State University students Alayna Johnson, Caitlyn Quigley and Keira McKewen, will perform this Saturday at Donkey Coffee and Espresso.

The first thing many listeners notice about the group is the harmonies; a gorgeous blend of three voices over a bed of offbeat instrumentation, made up of everything from toy pianos and washboards to glockenspiel, clarinet and everything in-between.

Scrimshaw and the Mariner (the name was inspired by “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” by The Decemberists) has been in the studio working on its debut album for quite a while, making sure every little thing is just right.

“The album is something that we have been taking our time in doing,” said Quigley. “We really have been trying to make sure each song encompasses the feel and the emotion of each month, which has turned out to be a fairly challenging task.”

Still, Quigley is hoping for an album release sooner rather than later.

“We have all of our songs written, it’s now just a matter of tweaking and recording with our friend Drew Williams of the Columbus band Deadwood Floats,” she said.

While the band polishes its recordings for release, fans can get their Scrimshaw fix via live shows. However, those fans might find themselves dancing around in someone’s living room instead of a noisy bar.

“I believe we have a show coming up at (Columbus bar) Skully’s, but most of the time we try to stick with house shows or small shows, playing for donations.”

The band should feel right at home at Donkey Coffee. The venue’s back room is intimate and cozy, and that suits Quigley just fine.

“The goal of our band isn’t to make it big or to get money, it’s to share our music and experiences with our friends and whoever else wants to join in.”

Athens music fans can join in this Saturday at 8 p.m. Allison Woods will open the show.

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