Paint Valley ADAMH Puts Replacement Levy Before Voters

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The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board is asking for a one mil replacement levy to be passed in the March primary election.

Executive Director Junie Frey says the levy funds services to residents in Fayette, Highland, Pickaway, Pike, and Ross counties.

Frey says over the last five years, the organization has lost 60 percent of their federal and state funding and will have to cut more if the levy is not renewed. "Right now if we can't get a replacement levy passed, we're looking at having to cut upwards of $1 million out of our budget," She says. "That's going to be things like crisis intervention. Our crisis line that operates in all five counties, that's at-risk and those services that support that."

Frey says she thinks this levy is important because people in the community need the help of these services. "We served over 15,000 people in crisis in our community just this last year," She says. "That is a service that is really important to our community, but not funded by any state or federal funds. That's simply funded by levy and really important."

The levy is a renewable levy for 10 years.