Ohio Air National Guard Ready To Fight For Planes

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The Ohio Air National Guard is scratching its head and putting up its dukes.

The head scratching is because guard officials don't understand proposed cuts in Ohio, and the fighting stance is to stop the reduction.
The Ohio Air National Guard invited reporters and politicians to Mansfield today. The base is home to the 179th Airlift wing.  They fly C-27s out of there. These are aircraft used to deliver troops and supplies to the front in Afghanistan, among other places.
They are planes that would be retired if Air Force budget cuts are carried out, but the Ohio Air National Guard contends the planes are too valuable to the war effort and national defense to be moth-balled, and is waging a battle to stop the cuts. 
US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) agrees and says he'll do what he can to save the 179th and the 655 jobs that would be lost at Mansfield.