Albany Volunteer Fire Department Uses Online Training

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An Athens County fire department is using technology to cut cost and educate firefighters.

The Albany Volunteer Fire Department is utilizing online training to make training and certification for their firefighters more convenient and cost effective.

"This online training the state put out allowed us to go online for $20 a person and we can get our training that way," says Roger Deardorff,Chielf of Albany Volunteer Fire Department. 

The online training is provided through the Ohio Fire Academy and helps firefighters complete 56 hours of continuing education courses required every three years by state law.

Although the program cuts down training costs and is convenient, Deardroff says hands-on training is still needed.

Firefighters in Nelsonville also plan to take the online training.

Statewide, 2,700 participants from more than 70 fire departments have completed courses so far.