Hocking Professor To Share Holocaust Trip Through Seminar

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A Hocking College professor will lead seminars in Athens using knowledge she gained after touring historical sites in Poland and Israel.

Sue Fletcher is a part of the Holocaust Educators Network, a group of more than 100 middle school, high school and college faculty who participate in summer seminars sponsored by the Memorial Library in New York City.
She was one of 17 educators chosen to receive a fellowship for the opportunity to travel to the sites in late March.
Fletcher describes the difference between the two countries as "night and day."
"On one hand…we were at the Wailing Wall which is a very moving experience.  I've heard a lot about it and we were able to be there and we all went to the Wall and it was very interesting to be there with others of different faiths," said Fletcher. "It was a pretty remarkable experience, but then we were in Poland which was cold and windy and we were in Jerusalem which was sunny and warm.  It was a contrast that mirrored some of the experiences that we had while we were in Poland and Israel."
Fletcher says she will use the experience of the 10 days abroad to help her students understand and discuss tolerance, perception and racism.
"Holocaust education is really a lens through which we can look at other social justice issues, and in large part, that's what the Memorial Library sponsors us as teachers to do," said Fletcher.
The seminars are meant for educators who teach grades seven through college and will be held June 13 through the 17.