Information Session and Hearing for Bridge Replacement

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A public information session and hearing will be held on Wednesday May 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Franklin Township Building in Strasburg.

The session and hearing will discuss the possible water quality impacts of a Sugar Creek bridge replacement.

According to Tuscarawas County Engineer Joe Bachman, the bridge had been closed for over a year because of its low road rating.

Previously, the bridge could not accommodate school buses or trucks.

The Ohio EPA says discharges from the bridge replacement activities could lower the water quality of the nearby creek.

A permit from the EPA is required to ensure the project will comply with Ohio's water quality standards.

While the quality of the water may change, it cannot violate standards that protect human health and the environment.

Bachman said part of the bridge replacement would include relocating about 30 feet of roadside ditch to accommodate the larger bridge.

"There is a potential, you know, whenever you're moving a ditch like this, there is potential for obviously some cloudy water. To me it's a very minimal impact but this is part of the EPA's regulations," said Bachman.

The Ohio EPA will consider other alternatives that will result in lesser or no impacts to water quality.

The public can submit comments, learn more about the proposed project and ask questions to EPA representatives at the hearing and information session.

Bachman says they are hoping to begin building the new bridge this summer.