PHOTOS/AUDIO: Gas House Gorillas at “Rhythm on the River”

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The Gas House Gorillas performed at “Rhythm on the River” in Pomeroy, Ohio, on Friday, July 13, marking the third performance of this year’s series.

The Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society, headquartered at the historic Court Street Grill, has hosted the series on the Riverside Amphitheatre for the past 13 years.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., band performed their unique brand of big band rock ‘n’ roll to a full amphitheater of excited fans.

The Gorillas are a favorite of Pomeroy; they have been performing at Rhythm on the River and the Pomeroy Big Bend Blues Bash for three years running, not to mention their numerous stops at the Court Street Grill.

There is little divide between the stage and the crowd when The Gas House Gorillas perform, and the Riverside Amphitheatre proved to be a fun playground for the group.

For more information on the 2012 Rhythm on the River Series, visit the Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society’s website.

Photos and audio by Elliot Nicolson