Ohio Farm Bureau Trying to Assess Drought Damage

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Officials from the Ohio Farm Bureau in Columbus are saying that the majority of the state is experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions.

Anna Hall, director of the Farm Bureau for Fairfield, Hocking, Perry, Ross, and Pickaway counties, is urging farmers to fill out an online survey that will give the bureau a better picture of what damage has already occurred to their crops.

"We know that the drought is affecting farming. We know that it's hurting agriculture in a large part of the state but we don't have a lot of answers regarding how bad it's actually going to be at this point," said Hall.

Although Hall says she is certain that the drought will have an impact on most crops in Ohio, she expects to see better conditions in her counties because of the severe storms that came through a few weeks ago.

"We did get a lot of hail and a lot of wind, but, with that we got rain. A lot of other portions of the state got the hail, they got the wind, they got the damage, but they didn't get any rain to come with it," said Hall.

Hall says there has been very little feedback so far on the conditions of crops in her counties, but, she hopes to get more information from farmers that fill out the survey.

The survey will be distributed in the July issue of the Farm Bureau's newspaper and can also be found online at the Ohio Farm Bureau's home page.