PHOTOS/AUDIO: Clarence Spady at “Rhythm on the River”

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Clarence Spady performed at “Rhythm on the River” in Pomeroy, Ohio, on Friday, July 20, marking the fourth performance of this year’s concert series.

Headquartered at the Court Street Grill, the Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society has hosted the series at the Riverside Amphitheatre for the past 13 years.

Before Spady took the stage on Friday, Rhythm on the River founder and Court Street Grill owner Jackie Welker spoke of the impact Clarence’s music has had on Pomeroy.

“Over these last couple years, his music at the Grill really turned into a mini-religion,” he said.

Welker also announced that Spady would soon be inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame in New York City.

The Pennsylvania-based guitarist played a number of searing blues covers (including “Hey Joe,” featured in the included audio/photo slideshow) and original work that, on multiple occasions, prompted the audience to break into applause before the songs were over.

For more information on the 2012 Rhythm on the River Series, visit the Pomeroy Blues and Jazz Society’s website.

Photos and audio by Elliot Nicolson