Morgan Co. Companies Hope Lodge Reopening Will Bring Business

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Morgan County companies are hopeful the reopening of Burr Oak Lodge will have a ripple effect on their businesses.

They held a tourism fair over the weekend to celebrate.

Design plans for the lodge will be finalized this week.

Workers will tear out about a third of the rooms to make them more spacious.

Other businesses and groups are excited about what the reopening of the lodge will mean for them.

"We offer something different than they do," said Donna Fischer of Bavarian Family Inn, "and we're small, and we usually get, if they're full, we get their overload, you know, so that helps us a lot."

"I think it will bring us more people to come to see our plays," said Cheryl Bragg of Opera House Players, "and I think it will maybe work in reverse that people who come to see our plays may stay at Burr Oak, and that will be a wonderful thing."

The lodge was Morgan County's second-largest employer, with 45 full-time staff members.

It is scheduled to reopen Oct. 1.