Fairfield Co. Grandstand Receives Siding And Repairs

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Fairfield County residents may soon enjoy a newly refurbished grandstand at the county's fairgrounds.

Restoration work, including new siding and basic repairs on the historic structure, was completed last week in a project funded by the Fairfield County Foundation as part of a continuing effort to preserve historic buildings.

Committee organizer Bob Rodenbaugh says the structure was scheduled for demolition after not being used for 20 years, but it needed to be preserved.

"It's kind of been an icon for the fairgrounds for any number of years," said Rodenbaugh.

The grandstand was built in 1908 and moved to the fairground in 1927.

The committee has currently spent about 60-thousand on the project that the fair board estimated would cost 250-thousand dollars altogether.

Rodenbaugh says there's more work to do to the structure.

"There's continuing work that we want to do in cosmetic area, there's work that needs to be done around the base of it, and then just some cleanup work," said Rodenbaugh.

The grandstand will remain closed as it does not yet meet safety standards.