The WOUB Oral History Project: The Voice Of WOUB

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On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, host Joan Butcher presents the inaugural episode of The WOUB Oral History Project, which aims to document and celebrate more than 70 years of WOUB history.

Butcher talks with the "voice of WOUB," John Ray, and alumnus Carol Ford.

Also heard are recorded testimonials from alumni Chris Edmonds and C.F. Morgan and on-air samples from the class of 1976, featuring Don Blesse and Greg McArthur.

Edmonds shares some comical moments from his student days and reflects on the opportunities that were available to him.

"Thanks to all the great teachers and staff that we had at WOUB. Like I said, I made a career out of it. Everything I learned, I learned at the beginning at WOUB Radio and Television," he said.

Now retired, John Ray was a longtime Senior Producer at WOUB. Ray first began working at WOUB back in 1959 as a graduate assistant before the station made the jump to 50,000 watts. He was hired as WOUB’s first producer in 1965.

"I think I share with the students a feeling of family, home, warmth and growth, and it's really a remarkable broadcast operation," he said. "And so many students got their start here, and tell us later that it gave them a leg up on what they had to do when they got out into the world."