Delinquent Lunch Accounts May Have Repurcussions

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Students in one Southeast Ohio school district may not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities now that there's a new pay-to-play policy for those who have outstanding lunch bills.

Switzerland of Ohio Superintendent Larry Elliot said that the policy will effect those with an unpaid account of more than $50.

"It's just an attempt on the school district to reach out and collect money that is owed to us," said Elliot.

Elliot said the policy will not affect children whose parents are making good faith efforts to pay, or are unable to pay due to financial hardships.

He says that no students have been barred from activities yet, but warns that he will take necessary actions.

"At the end of the day people that don't pay their bills, we'll refer those over to the county prosecutor's office," said Elliot.

Elliot says that no matter how delinquent the bill, he will never deny any child food, or education.

The policy will go into effect on February 11.