‘Super’ Charging Stations Installed In OU’s Baker Center

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New charging stations at Ohio University's Baker Center promise to decrease the amount of time it takes to charge a mobile device from hours to just minutes. 

There are now four Quickbooth charging stations, commonly seen at airport terminals, scattered around the facility. They're located where large groups of OU students often congregate and sit for an extended period of time.

"We focused on the bobcat student lounge. We got one in the conference hallway on the second floor, where a lot of people sit there and study. We have one in the student Senate office which has a large amount of students who spend their time there, as well as the Front Room," said Dustin Kilgour, executive director at OU's Baker Center.

The charging stations include chargers for all different types of phones, and they even have chargers for iPads and other electronics.

"It has three iPhone chargers, which will charge the iPad, iPhone series one through four; it has four micro-USB, and it also has an iPhone five charger," said Kilgour.

Many students say they already taking advantage of the university's newest $1,500 investment.

The devices are designed with a ledge underneath the actual chargers, allowing students to leave their phones at the stations and walk away.

Giles Allen, an OU senior, said he wouldn't mind leaving his phone unattended for short periods of time.

"If I'm sitting in the front room or sitting in the lounge studying a few feet away, I probably wouldn't think twice about it. I trust the students here," he said. "It's not a top concern of mine, but I wouldn't leave it and go to class then come back."

Kilgour said the chargers are free for all students and community members. He said the university still has one more device to install, but are waiting until they find the perfect place to put it.