Ohio Athletics Breaks Even With Bowl Budget

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While a bowl trip for a college football team provides national exposure and a chance for student athletes to see another region of a country, the trip's expenses can come at a price. Yet, fortunately for the Ohio football team, the expenses for the trip to the AdvoCare v100 Independence Bowl and the revenue received broke even. 

Numerous different factors tally into the expenses for a bowl trip. Expenses that occur on campus include ground transportation, lodging, meals, advertising and other factors. The total campus expenses for the 2012 bowl trip totaled $73,067.65. Other expenses are those that take place on the trip. Some of those expenses come from a charter flight, ground transportation, meals, rentals, per diem, entertainments, bowl rings and some other miscellaneous expenses. The total expenses that occured on the trip were $429, 377.74. Total expenses for the trip equaled $502,445.30. 

Revenue from the trip came from bowl revenue distribution, Ohio Athletics Post Season Opportunity Fund, and ticket revenue. The bowl revenue distribution was $400,000.00, the Ohio Athletics Post Season Opportunity Fund was $78,569.00 and the ticket revenue was $23,876.00. The total revenue equaled $502,445.00 so the trip broke even. The Ohio Athletics Post Season Opportunity was created in 2009 to mitigate institutional support for post season appearances. 

Ohio's success in bowl games over the past two season puts the team amongst an elite group in college football. The Bobcats are one of 17 programs in the country to have won back to back bowl games. Ohio is also only one of 28 programs across the country to have participated in four consecutive bowl games.