Vinton County Lady Vikings Dominate Meigs

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The Vinton County Lady Vikings dynamic offense rocked the scoreboard on Thursday night. 

As snow fell in McArthur, Vinton County brought the heat on the court and took down Meigs 63-34 in a pivotal conference matchup. The Lady Vikings proved they are a force to be reckoned with in the TVC-Ohio. 

Megan Dixon glued the Vinton County squad together, achieving 17 points in the matchup and finding her teammates for important assists.

“I would much rather pass the ball and have somebody else score,” Dixon explained after the game. Dixon also credited their 11-2 run early in the first quarter to making stellar transitions and layups when it counted. 

Meigs could not handle the Lady Vikings’ full-court press from the start of the game. The Vinton County defense forced 12 turnovers in the contest. Meigs point guard Kelsey Hudson tried to create plays for her team by shoveling the ball to Danielle Morris. Although Morris put up 9 points on the night, her offensive efforts were shadowed by Vinton County. 

The pace of the game slowed for both teams after halftime. Vinton County worked more of their players into the rotation. 

“They work hard just the same as the other ones do and when we can get going and play like that I like to get them in for the tougher games,” said Vinton County head coach Mark Dixon regarding the younger players that saw time against their conference foe. “Our 3 seniors are going to be gone after this year so we will need someone to fill their spots.”

Vinton County improved its record to 9-4 on Thursday night and look to take the momentum into the rest of the season. Megan Dixon’s eyes twinkled when Hardwood Heroes reporters mentioned the “A-word” (Athens). 

“I think we could beat Athens and take the TVC,” said Dixon. 

Vinton County will travel to Chillicothe to take on non-conference opponent Zane Trace on Saturday and Meigs will take on the undefeated Athens squad on Monday.