Puckett Pleads Innocent To All Charges In Murder Case

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A McArthur man accused of killing a woman in 2012 has pleaded innocent to murder allegations.

Richard Puckett, 46, appeared in Vinton County Common Pleas Court on Friday and entered innocent pleas to charges that include aggravated murder, murder and aggravated burglary — each contain gun specifications and each are first-degree felonies. Puckett is also charged with and pleaded innocent to a third-degree felony of tampering with evidence.

Puckett is accused of killing Robin Waldren, a Vinton County woman. Waldren’s body was found on March 1, 2012 at 32567 Carpenter Road in Richland Twp. in Vinton County — a home owned by Puckett’s ex-wife, Tina Puckett. She, along with a friend, discovered blood on sheets inside the home and a bloody bed quilt down the road. A 911 call revealed Tina Puckett’s cries for help while her friend provided details to the dispatcher.

Waldren, a friend of Tina Puckett’s, was reported missing earlier that day and she feared the worst. Waldren’s body was found on the property by police during an investigation.

Richard Puckett happened to be incarcerated in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail on a domestic violence charge when he was transported to Athens to be interviewed and undergo a lie detector test. On his return trip to the jail, he attacked the transport deputy and tried to escape by stealing the cruiser. The deputy used his firearm to shoot at the vehicle and Puckett would wreck, bringing an end to the attempt.

Richard Puckett would end up being sentenced to prison for nine years for charges stemming from the attempted escape.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Waldren’s death continued. After finally receiving test results from the crime scene, the Vinton County Prosecutor’s Office presented a case to a grand jury that returned an indictment for Waldren’s death against Richard Puckett.

Friday’s appearance in court was for the purpose of a bond hearing. Puckett’s bond of $750,000 was continued although it is a relatively moot point given that he is still serving the lengthy prison term.