Cardio Dance with Cupid

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Cardio dance: a growing trend in group fitness workouts. It's never dull, incorporates upbeat dance music from all around the world, and is an effective way to work muscles while also working on cardio.
On February 12, OU's Ping Recreational Center held Cardio Dance with Cupid, a two-hour cardio dance event. But, the big question surrounding this event is why is cardio dance becoming such a popular method of exercise?
Upon interview with cardio dance instructor Holly Nesbitt, she explained what cardio dance is and why it is beneficial.
"During a class, you can burn anywhere from 500 to a thousand calories and that's just based upon the intensity you're working at and how long that you work out for. Cardio dance is a great workout because you basically forget that you're even working out. You're usually having such a great time dancing, hanging out with friends, and just going with the flow that you even forget you're exercising." 
Holly also explained how and why she decided to take matters into her own hands and become an instructor.
"I discovered I wanted to be a cardio dance instructor when I came to Ohio University as a freshman. I just went to Ping and went to a few classes and there were two girls that taught classes that were older than me, and I basically loved their classes, I was a regular, and at one point I just asked: what do I do to be in your shoes? And they said, ya know, become Zumba licensed. I was trying to keep cardio dance alive at Ohio University, and in response I would actually in my opinion from being a veteran instructor, as popular as Zumba, if not more popular than Zumba here at OU".
Cardio dance has become a household name in exercise. It is a fun way to burn those unwanted calories while building muscle. So, come out to Ping Center and get that booty dancing into shape.