Ohio University Students Strip Down For Charity Run

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Sixty degrees and sunny made for a perfect day to run in the bare minimum of clothing. The weather was good news to students who participated in the "Bare on the Bricks" run, otherwise known as the nearly naked mile, which happens every February in Athens.

This year marked the fifth time the Student Alumni Board and Phi Kappa Psi organized the event to raise money and clothing for charity.

"We just really wanted to make a difference in this community because although we are very fortunate to live where we do," said event coordinator Rachel Sharkey.

Saturday was the most successful run for the event, with 360 people running down Court Street in uptown Athens.

They collected 40 large bags of clothes that will be donated to Athens' charities.

The event raised $2,100 for the Athens based Goodworks charity. Runner Nick Rees really enjoyed the event.

"I mean it's an excuse to take your clothes off, so that's the truth about that," Rees said.

Music, hula-hoop competitions and picture taking added to the naked run-fun. The half mile race started at the Baker Center and finished at the end of Court Street (which is only a half mile, by the way). After runners finished, Pigskin Bar And Grill hosted an after-party uptown.