Mysterious ‘Woman In Black’ Passes Through Athens

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Who is she, where is she going and why is she walking?

Those are just some of the questions regarding a mysterious woman dressed in black who has been spotted across the United States — including in Athens.

A Facebook page, which was created on July 18, has surpassed 32,000 likes as of Tuesday and the following continues to grow for the mystery woman. 

Followers have posted numerous photos of the woman (possibly women) in black throughout the midwest and eastern portions of the United States. 

According to the posts on the Facebook page "Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black?" she has made her way from Alabama, as far north as Ohio, before heading east into West Virginia and Maryland. 

Some have questioned if there are multiple women, but many of the photos posted from Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland appear to show the same woman photographed earlier in the month in Tennessee and Kentucky.

On July 25, the Woman in Black was spotted in the Athens area, coming to a rest in the center of the roundabout on Richland Avenue, according to photos posted to the page.

The woman is completely dressed in black, including a black head covering, using a walking stick and carrying black bags with her. Some other photos taken in Georgia and Tennessee show her pulling a cart along. 

Those who have tried to speak with her have received little back as she simply walks in silence along busy roadways. 

Some followers have said that when asked her name she responds, "little one." To this point she has not spoke of her destination or reason for walking. 

Some media reports have suggested that the woman is Elizabeth Poles of Motts, Alabama, but that cannot be confirmed. Poles' brother spoke to Reuters stating that the woman is his 56-year-old sister, a US Army veteran and mother of two.

While so far she has declined rides from many those who offer them, she has been accepting rides from law enforcement to help her along her route of travel.

Others have offered her food or drink, with those offers being met with mixed acceptance.

No one knows how far she may be going or when she will stop, but one thing is for certain — as long as she walks, the Facebook world will be watching.