Weatherization Tips

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As November rolls on, temperatures are expected to make a steep drop. To stay warm this winter, experts advise homeowners to get their living quarters ready to face the cold. Professionals specializing in home improvement to heating and cooling agree; weatherization is a cost-effective way to keep homes warm as the weather cools down.

Here are some weatherization tips to keep your home warm while saving money.

  1. Seal Windows and Doors: Caulking around windows and doors is one of the easiest ways to save on heating.
  2. Check for Openings Throughout the Home: Heat can escape through even the smallest cracks. The Home Depot's website says that both new and old homes have holes. To prevent cold air from coming in, turn off the lights and look for light streaming through the walls. Seal off these areas to keep your home warm.
  3. Cover the Water Heater: Water heating costs as much as 25 percent of home energy bills, according to Heating My Home. To save money and keep water warm, purchase a water heater blanket.
  4. Keep the Heat on Even When You're Out: Turning the heat off and on can cause damage costing upwards of one thousand dollars. According to Bankrake, turning the thermostat down to around 68 degrees at night or while out of the house can save upwards of one hundred dollars.
  5. Run Fans in Reverse: Although few associate fans with winter, running a fan in reverse can help circulation and save as much as ten percent on heating costs.
  6. Purchase Draft Stoppers: Draft stoppers keep the heat in by insulating the bottoms of doors and windows. These insulators cost as little as ten dollars, and help keep heating bills under control.
  7. Use Space Heaters: Fire places are mainly decorative and not practical for heating homes. Families that do not have central heating can keep their houses warm by using space heaters.
  8. Change the Furnace Filter: During the winter, it is best to change the furnace filter once a month. Or, consider purchasing a permanent furnace filter. These can cost anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars.

For households that can not afford to weatherize their homes, Hocking Athens Perry Community Action offers weatherization services for those who qualify.