Ohio Bill Would Require Defibrillator Training For Students

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An Ohio proposal would require high school students to have basic training in how to use automated defibrillators and administer CPR.
Schools could offer the instruction any time during the student’s high school tenure. It would first apply to those entering ninth grade on or after July 1, 2016.
Defibrillators use electric shocks to jolt the heart back to normal after cardiac arrest or other life-threatening heart problems.
Rep. Cheryl Grossman, one of the bill’s sponsors, said some schools voluntarily provide such defibrillator training, which she says takes about 30 minutes.
She said the training could help save lives, and at least 20 other states have similar statutes.
The legislation would direct the Ohio Department of Education to monitor compliance. Students could be excused from training with their parent’s permission.